Your music doesn't need mastering if the mix is sounding really good. So you spend a lot of time on the mix. You're getting it sound really nice. It's how you want it. It's got the feel you want. And now, if that needs a little bit of top or if that needs a little bit of punch. Then, so be it. But mastering is not something like creative process where you've got to smash it, crash it and do whatever you've got to do.

It's about taking the mix, presenting it in the best way it possibly can to then sound great on vinyl, to then sound great on CD. So there's certain things you do to get it on vinyl to make it sound nice. That's what a mastering engineer's job is. Same with CD, same with streaming services, whatever the platform needs is what you do as a mastering engineer. You're not there to do a massively creative process. That's mixing, not mastering, and that's why you don't need mastering. If you've got a great mix.


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