What is Apple Spatial music? You've probably heard of it. And people are all talking about it at the moment. Because they're all very excited. Spatial audio is Apple's version of a 3d sound in your headphones. Now, how does that work for headphones? Well, with headphones, normally it's just left and right, obviously in stereo, which can sound quite flat.

But if you doing something in spatial audio, you can put the bits of music or sound or reverbs or delays or anything anywhere around your head. So it makes it more of an immersive sound. Now, why is this good? Because it just feels like you are in the music and there's more space to put things. So you don't have to compromise. You have to normally compromise with the stereos mix. With spatial audio you don't have to.

Now this is Apple’s answer to Dolby Atmos, and Sony's 360. So it's just their way of putting it in your head. And it's their Kodak, which is a bit different. But essentially, all it is just more of an immersive sound. Creating a virtual 3d surround sound in a pair of stereo headphones.

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