Here's three things that help your ears perform to the best level. I use them every day.

So, number one is no more cotton buds. That will just push the wax down into your ear canal. What you need is this cleaning solution available on Amazon that will just wash out your ears, and keep it nice and wax free.

Number two, when you're in a loud nightclub or at gig, you need to protect your ears from getting worn out. So, I found these really cheap custom air plugs on Amazon that you put in and they mold round your ears. The same as a gum shield does when you're a kid.

And, as a bonus tip, if you're watching from the UK, you can go to this hashtag #HereForMusicians and you can get a £200 pair of air protectors for £40.

Number three, this is a crazy product, but it works really well. I use them all the time. They're called Calmer. And you just stick them in your ears and they stop the sound hitting around your ears and then, vibrating the sounds around. Then you don't get any harshness, and they just make you more chilled. Really odd but they do work. If you want to check any of these free products out. I've linked them in the description.

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