From my experience in the music industry, I've worked out why some people are successful and why you're not, and what you need to do to change that. And I believe that you just need to stick to one thing. You have to define that one purpose and that should drive everything that you do.

Now and then I get Shiny Object Syndrome, where I'm like "I want to try doing that, and I want to be successful at that. They're making loads of money, so why not?"

It's relatively common for people to be blind to the grind and focus on the results, so they go down that path and abandon the one they're on. But if you look at anybody who's achieved anything in athletics, it's the people who said: "I want to be a 100-metre runner" and followed through on that and trained for it who are now thriving.

Start with the end in mind. Say, "Okay, I want to be a mastering engineer. So how am I going to be one? This is where I want to go, so what do I need to do before?"

In effect, you're reverse engineering the whole process for that one goal. Now if you're thinking of other things at the same time, it's very easy to lose sight 🦯 of your goals and get demotivated and get distracted by the next shiny object.

What you've got to do is stay to the course, bed in, and map the direction toward the one place that you're going to.

Keep on the path; keep going, and you will get there, I promise you. You need to stop all of the noise and stop looking at what other people are doing, find the thing that you want to do and then do that one thing until it's done. What you can do on the short term is give yourself other little signposts along the way, so you feel like you're getting somewhere.

This applies to money, to your job – to anything. You can give yourself those little deadlines and goals along the way to keep the momentum going and to remind you that you're going somewhere.

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