THESE HEADPHONES BLOW MY MIND! - Verum 1 headphone review



Welcome back. Today, I'm reviewing the Verum headphone ones. Now these came to me in the posts. They didn't have any flashy boxing or anything like that. They just came as they are. So I was a bit weird. But anyway, normally, it comes with all stuff in the box and all this dubbings like 20 different pairs of these and different attachments. So I didn't really pay much attention. I left them on the shelf for a little bit. They've been with me for about a month and I didn't get around to listening to them. Until somebody from Verum, the guy that runs Verum I guess asked me if I'd received them. And then obviously, I thought, better have a listen. So I did.

But let me run through what they are first of all. So these are handmade, the guy that send them to me makes every single pair himself. So they have a bit of a back order. I think they are nice. I'm not into this wooden edging, but you can get them in black as well, which obviously I would prefer. And you can have them with different colors, gold, silver, whatever. So the headset itself is a leathery leatherette vibe. That's leather. And it has this mechanism on the side for you to attach. So it's not like a lot of headphones are spring loaded. This isn't spring loaded. They have a thing where you can adjust either side. So that's quite nice once you get that set up. Took a bit of working out and they move like this on there.

So they feel pretty sturdy. They don't feel like they're gonna break. The metal looks quite strong and they do so in your head really comfortably once you've got them there. And once you've set them up, they're not heavy. So they're not pulling down too much and hurting the band of your head. So they look pretty nice. I mean, if I had to upgrade them a bit. I'd say some of I've been really picky, I'd say some of these screws and stuff might need upgrading. But they're cool. They look alright. So everyone that's seen them has come into the studio has thought they look pretty smart. And checked them out. They come with this cable. That's only this cable came. And this plugs in to the front left. So I was testing these out when I was testing these out and listening to them. I thought, okay, well they're probably on the cheap. They're probably on the expensive side.

So I was listening to some other pairs of headphones and these sounded really good. And then I was thinking, okay, they're fine. But they're up against things like Audeze LCD-X, which I have too. They look very similar. Don't they? Similar playing headphones. They are so similar vibe to that. So when I was playing the cheaper headphones about the 300 mark. I thought, these stand out, but these are against the Audeze. And all the ones that are like two grand, three grand. But then I looked on the website and realize that these are only $350. And the sound of these is absolutely incredible for $350. I would have these over my Audeze LCD-X. That's how good I thought they sounded. Because I was comparing them against that. And going, I like these more and they're in the similar price bracket. But they weren't, their $350 insane value for what you're getting here. Because they sound great.

Now they do have a back order obviously because the guys building more by hand. But mental detail, low end detail is really good. I actually thought the mids were better than my LCDs. You get used to your LCDs and they are great headphones. Don't get me wrong, but they are a bit weighty and these are quite light. So these are definitely worth a look. If you're looking for some new headphones, $350 is an absolute steal for what you're getting here. So I would get some quick before you works there out. And puts the price up to $700, which I think you can easily get away with for these. They've just got so much detail in the highs all the way through.
They sound like, I wouldn't say they sound flat. Because flat can sometimes sound a little bit dull and a little bit boring. And they're not dull and boring. They they're showing off a lot of detail. The stereo image is quite wide. It's really nice. You can really hear what's going on. Whereas a lot of the headphones in the same price bracket can get very muddy and in the midst can get a bit confused. These aren't that at all. I prefer these to the Sennheiser 650s that I've got as well. So there are, if you're in this price bracket, these are definitely worth listening to. I don't how you are listen to them. Because I'm not sure what shops sell them. You have to go on their website. It's called Verum. I'll link it below.

So, check these out. I was super surprised them. As you can tell, I don't usually hype things up. There's no ad. I don't get paid for this. Hopefully I'm gonna get to keep these because I like them and they'll be staying as my headphone of choice. Check them out. Verum. Until next time. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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