The first of my personal favourite plugins that I’m using in 2019 is the Leapwing DynOne by Leapwing Audio. Now, it’s quite processor-heavy, so I tend to use it lightly. But it’s a multi-band compressor. It’s a great plugin just for getting some quick multi-band stuff going, and it’s got some perfect-sounding filters in there. So I suggest you check it out if you haven’t tried that.

Number two is Soothe. A lot of people have been talking about it; it’s pretty much a dynamic EQ that is excellent at getting rid of esses, semblance, and that kind of digital harshness and edge at the top end. It’s got a beautiful, simple interface on it; I like that a lot. I use it for certain sounds and distinct finishes since it gives a nice smooth top. So check out the Soothe by Oeksound.

Number three of my top three is the Weiss DeEsser. They brought in the plugin version, which is about $150, and it’s brilliant because I only ever use the hardware for the DeEsser. I don’t use the limiter or the compression – just the DeEsser. You can also use it in MS mode, which lets you do loads of things. It’s super transparent, too: you can pull quite a lot of esses and digital harshnesses out without hearing it work. It sounds spotless, really posh. It’s just great to have on the end to give this kind of smooth top end. So yeah, definitely check that out. That’s the Weiss DeEss one.

And although that’s only the top three, I’m going to add number four, which is my plugin that I’ve built this year. It’s the Colorbox from Streaky, go to my website,, and download the demo there. It is a box that adds flavours and colours and tones to sounds. I use it for mastering and mixing across the mix bus, and to add some flavours and brighten things up and make things creamy and warm and smooth. It’s just a combination of three different things – RGB – and then you’ll get a nice little coating of flavour across your tracks.

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