Welcome back. I'm Streaky. And today I'm giving you a black friday stroke, black friday week stroke, black friday month. It seems to just be getting bigger and bigger. Doesn't it? This is a roundup of all of those great deals that we are gonna find online. So I've been scouring around the web to see which offers are the best value. So the first one, I've put together is from Waves. Now you've probably got a load of cracks from Waves. Everyone seems to of over the years. Obviously, I don't agree with that. But if you want to stop using your cracks and get the legit stuff now is the time. So they've got a ridiculous deal on the moment. So I've picked out five of my favorites that I think are definitely worth throwing in your shopping cart. Now, they've got a J37 Tape Machine, which is really good tape emulator.

They've got the Puig EQ, which are the PuigTec EQ they're worth getting same as the PuigChild compressor. That's worth a go. The CLA compressor as well. And also they've got their new SSL EV2 Channel. So that's definitely worth getting. That would normally be a total of $1,400. But that now is a hundred dollars for that those five plugins. So Waves is definitely gonna be worth having a little sniff around if you've fancied any of those things. But those actual plugins I mentioned are definitely worth a look.

So next up is Soundtoys. So Soundtoys are running a 55% off their bundle, which is massive saving. And they've got 70% off their individual plugins. So, definitely worth the bundle. I think 55% off. So normally that's $500 and that's now $229. So that's definitely good value. Because you're going to get a lot of plugins there.

So the next one is predicted. Now, I'm not sure this is going to go ahead. But it's gone ahead for the last two years and it's Avid. They'll give you 15% off of their Pro Tools bundles. So if you want to use pro tools,  if you're not using it already. And you've not been wanting to dive into their monthly fee. Now you can get 15% off.15% isn't a great deal. Is it? But at least it's something I suppose. But, it's not, they should offer something a little bit more wild.

And then that's the same with FabFilter. Now they haven't come out yet and said that they're going to do this offer. But for the last couple of years, they have done it. And that's 25% off all the FabFilter products. Now as a viewer of my channel. I'm sure you're aware that I love FabFilter stuff. So I would definitely suggest, if you haven't paid for FabFilter plugins already. Then this is the time to do it. I'll definitely suggest 25% off the FabFilter Pro-Q 3. That's definitely worth some. Sorry, if you can hear barking in the background. Enzo's going mental. Definitely grab the FabFilter.

But my next one is something that you might be more than interested in because Izotope have got a whopping 93% off of all their plugins. They do some really good bundles. If you aren't using Ozone, that's definitely worth a look. But also RX is a killer. And it's a must if you're doing music production. Because it just, you can take noises off stuff. You can reverse things, you can do all stuff with it. So it's definitely worth a look. 93% off is a mental reduction. So definitely go to Izotope website. And check out what they've got. You're going to love that one.

So the next one's by Ian Shepard which is MeterPlugs. Now, I really like his Perception AB that is great for mixing so that you can just have it on channels. And then once you're listening to the whole mix, you can just A/B and see what all your plugins are doing on that channel. It really helps to not over process stuff. So definitely look at that. That's currently 30% off, so that could be worth having a look. If you haven't got some A/B plugin, that's a really good one to get. So check that out.

Next one is Antares. so auto tune and the like, they are all 50% off on their website. So go there and check that out. And there you can get the annual subscription, which is 50% off included too. So if you are into music production, their plugins are a must. So this is a good opportunity to get your hands dirty with some of those.

And most importantly, I've got my own courses on Black Friday week. So if you want to learn exactly how to mix and master as the pros do, then follow the link below. It's only for you guys on YouTube that subscribe to my channel. So, check that out on the link below. So along with the link to my courses down below. There is also all the links for all the plugins that I've mentioned today. Now don't forget whilst you're looking at the links to hit the like button and the subscribe button. And I'll see you on the next video. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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