So, I confess, I might be a bit biased here, but this is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best; forget Vice, forget the Soothe, forget all the plugins that have come out this year. This is by far the greatest plugin; I'm using it every day. I absolutely love it. It's my number one choice; it's a killer.

You're going to need this. There is a link below for it. You can get a bit of a discount on it because I've done a deal with the manufacturer, which is great for you.

So the link's below, and now the best plugin of 2019 – hear the drum roll please – is the Streaky Mastering Colour Box. Yes, you heard it here first.

Obviously, I'm a bit biased, but this is the new plugin that I've developed with my developer friend Jael. Essentially, what I've done is I have taken three sounds of different pieces of equipment that I love and use every day, and I wanted to blend them so that one is R, one is G, one is B. It's all to do with colours, as you can tell, because it's colouring the sound.

So when you blend the R, the G and the B, they make different colours as in what happens with colours when you mix red, green and blue. So the red, green, and blue – each one is a different unit that we've sampled and emulated and then tweaked to touch to kind of make the sound that I thought sounded cool and really nice. Then when you put them together, they all blend to make different sounds. And then that is a kind of a colour that you can put on tracks, on guitars – on everything.

I use it for mastering. It's great at the end of your mix bus just as a kind of finishing polisher. It's just something to have in there: think of the fusion – think Silver Bullet – those kinds of things where you're adding some flavor, some vibe. Well, that's what this plugin does.

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