Welcome back. I'm Streaky. And welcome back to my video today. And as you might have just seen, I've got a new little toy in the studio. Well, it's not actually my studio, but it's my office. It's a weird one for me because I was approached by a company they're called Yo-Yo DESK. And so they said to me, do you want a desk that goes up and down basically. A standing desk. And I thought, not really, what do I want those for? So, I saw their 800 quid and I thought. Alright. I'll have one of those. So they sent it along and I thought, I'll probably just take it home. Because I won't get much use out there. And the thing is, I put it in here and it's an absolute joy. I must admit. And this isn't just me like. Because I got it for free.


It's brilliant. Standing up all day. I mean I used to sitting down in the studio. I'm sitting there turning knobs. It's bloody annoying. You get tired, you know your back's bent over all day. I did spend a lot of time in my younger life standing up mastering. And I missed that a bit, but that was when I had big speaker in front of me. But now I don't and I sit down and then I'm sitting at a computer as well. So now standing up, this is just brilliant. It is literally brilliant. You feel so much better. You're alive. You're awake all the time. They give you this mat that went with it. Let me show you, so you take your shoes off and then this massages your feet as well at the same time, which is cool.


And you can also have a treadmill under there. Insane, not that fit, but this is brilliant. If you are at home and you've got this setup. Like I've got here for. You could DJ on here as well. But you can also have it for your keyboard. But this setup is absolutely perfect because you can be playing. But you're standing up, you feel so much more alive. When you are and you're doing something rather than slouched over just on your mouse for the whole time. So I'm super impressed. I'm so happy, but I got it for free. How good's that? Yeah. So it's got these sort of memory things. So that you can say different whether you want it up or down so you can remember your positions. So for example, I can then just take it down. If I want to then sit down or if I was DJ'ing. I might on it a bit lower.


But the great thing is because the speakers are on there. Then basically when it's at the level that I have it at which is pretty much the top height. Because, I'm 6’3, it's up there. I've always got the monitors in the right place as I'm writing stuff. I mean, you can put these on higher stands. So I could have them a little bit higher if I wanted. But it's absolutely spot on the size of it. It's a massive thing. You need it quite big because you want your speakers away from you. So I'm loving it. As you can tell. I'm all over it. So if you want one of these, that you can get 50 quid off. There's little coupon code in the description below. So check that out and you can go to Yo-Yo DESK and get yourself one.


It's the lifesaver. I've seen loads of other studios with them recently. You know what it's like when you see one thing suddenly you see them everywhere. So there's a lot of guys actually using these that some are cutting stuff out. And putting like equipment in them as well, which is works. Don't see. Why not? You obviously got loads of cables and no one likes messy cables. Do they? Especially me. So all of these cables they've thought about that. And there is a big tray that's underneath. So all that has power lines in it. So everything sits in it.

So as you go up and down, the whole thing will move with it. So it's perfect from that cable nightmare that you have. So that's totally clean underneath. This also obviously, it took my weight, but it will also stop. If it gets hit against something. So if you did have something on the side. It's got this slight adjuster that stops. It's solid as a rock. It's so strong. So that's it. The Yo-Yo DESK get yourself one. It'll save you back. And when you're an old man like me, you'll take anything like that. If you like this kind of video, please click the link. And don't forget that you see where you can get this desk from in the description. And also you'll get 50 quid off from the coupon code there. See you next time.

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