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Welcome back and it's me Streaky. I've literally just destroyed my whole room as you can see. But on the plus side, Tegeler Audio have sent me a new bit of kit. But let's leave that for later. The whole reason I've done this is because I want I’ve got this rack. It usually sits behind me here. As you can see, that's normally where I have my camera, that UMC. I wanted to move it in front of me, because I've got another act come in so that you can see all this kit I've got. So the plan of action is this. So we need to get all of this gear into here. Now, it won't all fit in here because I need to get another one of these for the other side. But for today I need to get all my main gear into this rack.

So first things first is the power supply. This is a Isotek substation, which comes from the main power and this feeds the distribution power that I've got. So, the substation feeds this distribution box, which is, essentially for you, geekies out there. It's a star point mains distribution system, which basically means, and what you need to think about when you've got your studio at home is keeping your earth really clean. So, what this does is it puts all of the earths on a separate bus. So they're all on the same bus as each other. And, then these are on different bars. You're gonna have to look out if you want to get really geeky. And, then also you want some really nice high-end cables because you really want clean earth going into any analog equipment to spend loads of money on analog equipment. You want it to have the cleanest, sweetest power possible.

Now these are major expensive. Well originally when you bought them, they're about £200, half a meter. But a little tip for you, I always find these on eBay really cheap. So, they end up being about £50 a lead. Now I know that still sounds expensive, but if you haven't got loads of them, you don't need loads of them, just getting a really good quality power cable does make a really nice difference. So, that's what you need. Good power and good earth. But more importantly, let's go some lunch. (Music playing).

So power is in the power supply. I showed you earlier and now I'm just sorting out all the power going into. This is all the stuff in the middle is trin off computers. My Hilo, I only using for digital in and out. So that can stay in the middle of my UAD stuff. So everything in the middle is the heart of it, the computer and all that kind of caper. So, because I'm hbrid, which means I'm in the box as in plugins. And, I use loads of different hardware bits. I need to set this up. Now, the problem that I've got, which I'm trying to work out is I've got this, this box is like this is called a dangerous liaison and what it is, it's like selecting your plugins, but it selects hardware.

So you go in and out of it with cables and I can select which one I turn on and listen to at different times. And, it can do some other stuff like flip them around and do parallel processing and all kinds of crazy things. But that basically is the heart of the system. Cables like this go from say, for instance, that EQ into the back and out of the back. And the thing is when you're in the analog world, you want to keep cables that go in and out of equipment. Super, super sure, because the longer they are, the more noise they're going to get, and they just sound better shorter, and they're expensive. So you don't want to use too much length. So, with this dangerous liaison being the main place I want to poke in and out that needs to be in here quite high. But this has to plug into these converters. These convert the signal from digital to analog.

And so that needs to go out. So they all need to be together, which obviously then doesn't leave me a lot of space for the gear. And this gear has to be near here because it has to go in and out with some short cables. Now I'm also going to have to throw a cables over there, which goes against my whole rules of longer cables. But what I'll do is I'll just throw a pair of cables to that rack. And that rack will have secondary gear in it that I don't use all the time so I can switch it in if I want. And then I can play with that. And it would just have some tubes staff or, or things that I don't always need. This kind of stuff, the Maselec gear is stuff I use on everything. So that's why this will stay here. But then obviously I'm taking up loads of space here and there needs to be gaps. Because everything gets really hot. The joys of analog. (Music playing).

So all day long later, I'm absolutely shattered. I'm still going. It's five o'clock. We got to get this video out by six. So, we're nearly there, but as you can see, I just thought I'd show you the back. So, I'm trying to keep all of these mains cables. So they're all nicely together. You can see they're all pretty good. (Cable tie. Thanks, I’ll cable tie them.) So I’ll cable tie them together. So all the mains are away from all of these really nice cables. But you need tons and tons of these when you're going in and out of all the kit into the back of this liaison. But getting there. I'm not even going to bother trying to do the other side today. I'm just going to get this side done because I've still got about 10 tracks to master. Because I haven’t mastered any tracks today. And I've got loads of other stuff to do as well. It's horrendous. What was I thinking to even start this?

So I finally finished it. What an absolute made. It's six o'clock. So, we haven't hit our deadline for getting this out, but that will be out in half an hour or an hour or something. But, I finally got all the stuff done. I've still got about 10 tracks to master. So, I'm shattered Friday night. Not what you need, what was I thinking? But I hope you've got something out of it. I hope that you've learned something. Probably not to buy any analog equipment ever. It's looking quite cool though. I'm loving it. That I've got all my gear next to me. This is looking at it little bit shab, but a new desk coming for there. So it will look the same as that. So, I can then actually get on with doing my job of mastering music for people. I hope you've enjoyed this. Don't forget to like the video. If you like these kinds of videos, then I'll do more of them. Let me know in the comments. If you want more bloggy stuff. See you next time. I'm getting on with some work. Goodbye.

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