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Welcome back. Me, Streaky again in the studio. So today, these are from Avantone, the Gauss 7. Now the Gauss is an old speaker brand. You know, this company Avantone for making these small speakers and they also make a copy of the NS10s. These are kind of NS10 as well, aren't they? I'll set them up. I'll talk through my set up and that way you can learn exactly how set speakers up. Let's go.

So for this, you're gonna need some pretty sturdy stands. These are pretty heavy. They're full of silver sand, not normal sand, obviously. Silver sand. And, that means they get nice and heavy. They've got some spikes on the bottom because there's carpet. So, that keeps them sturdy. And, then we obviously need some of these little pucks. If you know my videos, you'll see that I use these pucks on everything.

So they face forward. So they move with the speaker. So speakers in place, one either side of the desk there. And, I've got the pucks here. I don't give two pucks. What you say. You need to have your speakers in a triangle. I'm available for weddings, mitzvahs and any social event, if you need me. So, what you wanna do is take a tape measure. You need to measure from your sweet spot. Now, these are quite high up. So, what you want to do, you're positioning your head so that you're in between the cone and the tweeter right here. So, what we want to do, we're going from there to there. And, that is about 140 to my sweet spot there. So, I want that to be 140 as well. And it's not 130 for cash are we fine? So that's it for that.

So, we've got that in a triangle, 130, 130, 130 equilateral triangle. If you went to a math lesson ever, which I didn't. So, now we've got the speakers here. Now the way to position the speakers so they are in the right place. When you are in your sweet spot. My sweet spot is here. So, I'm roughly in the right area. Now, what you wanna do is look at the speakers and you wanna see that you can't see either side. So, as I'm sitting here, I can't see the left side. I can't see the right. So, they are turned in exactly correctly to where my head is. So, basically what I'm doing is I've got the tweeters. So, they are pointing directly at my head. I can't see the either side of the thing. I've got them all set up they are, nicely on these pucks.

This is all there. I'm ready to go. I've just gotta plug them in. And, then we can have a listen, right? So I want two cables, equal length, which these two are. I've got left and right, these are nice, super posh cables. That's what we're after. Let's go. So on the back of these speakers, they have a few little bits and pieces. They reported. So, I wouldn't put them too close to a wall. But they do have this thing called acoustic placement. It says here, it's just doing a like dropping the low end a little bit. So, now we've set the speakers up. Don't forget to smash the like button. If you like this thing. And, you've learned something so far from the video. Now let's get listening. (Music Playing)

So how do they sound? Can't help get head around the fact that they look exactly like NS10s. And exactly then like their NS10 copy that they do. Looks like they're using the same mid-range cone as well. So, that automatically makes your brain think, well, these are NS10s. But then they've got a ribbon tweeter. AMT tweeter, whatever they want to call them these days. Call it ribbon. It look standard. But how do they sound? They sound really good actually. They sound…they’re very, there’s no really low end. There's not gonna be. They’re two-way speakers. You can't expect that anyway. But I can hear quite low down. I can hear down the bass guitar, things like that, the bases. So I can hear what's going on. I can't hear proper like sub dance music sub. But really therefore nearfield monitors, they're monitoring what's going on in the midst.

Perfect for doing mixing where you are just really concerned. What's going on? What has it gonna sound when it's out? How's it gonna translate? If you're throwing loads of bass through them, they're probably gonna fart like hell. So they probably wouldn't handle that, but they are really clear. And, I tell you what I like. I like the tweeter. The tweeter is really nice. It's a real sharp sounding tweeter. And, when I've played with the stuff on the back, I've actually wanted it where I've added more top, which is quite mental. They're about £1000, which is probably about $1,200. So, if you're looking for say nearfield, probably worth having a look, I'd probably get these over NS10s or their copy of the NS10s. Because, I think the tweet is better.

So, that's the Gauss 7 by Avantone reviewed. I hope you like that. And, I hope along the way you learn a little bit about setting your speakers up correctly. Don't forget you need some pucks or similar. You made sure you're in the triangle and that you've measured it. And then you're giving yourself the best possible chance or of having a really good listening experience in your room.

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