Okay. So, I've found this really secret app that I use, and I use it all the time. And, it's helpful for anybody, whether you are a musician, a producer, anybody you wanna stay in contact with this app is killer. Now, it's called Covve. And what it does, it reminds you of how to stay in contact with people. Now, I've got a top 50 list and on that top 50 list, I decide whether I wanna stay in contact with people weekly, monthly, quarterly.

But what it does, it just reminds me every day, who I need to ping, who I need to say hello to. Whether I need to comment on their stuff. Because what that does. It keeps me on their radar. And if I'm on their radar, when they're thinking of mastering, I'm their man.

If you're a DJ and you wanna stay in touch with all the different club promoters, I'd use this. And, I would stay in contact every single month. If you're an engineer, then you can stay in contact with anybody from record labels, any of the artists that you work with or any other engineers in your circle. So that when they're needing a mix, they'll be in contact with you. Or like me, they'll ask you for mastering. It's called Covve. Check it out.

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