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Welcome back. I'm Streaky. And today, I've been sent this lovely little package of headphones by a company called Drop. These headphones are the Drop + THXPanda wireless headphones. Now, these are the world's first wireless headphone, with a high bandwidth Bluetooth audio codec. With the THX AAA™ amplifier. Phase-correct planar ribbon drivers. Combination that they like to call, the 3P Signal Path. It's a lot of marketing spiel there. Isn't there. Panda puts you closer to the music, whatever life takes you. That's beautiful. So, let's have a quick butchers at these, on the interior then. Because we're not gonna take apart. I can very vouch for that after having for a while. You can see they've thought this through. There's some stats on here. I'm not gonna bore you with the stats on there.

There's a microphone, a boom mic that comes with them. I'll have to show you what it looks like on here. Because I took these home. I thought, I'd try them in like a gaming setup. Because, I thought that'd be quite cool to have them wireless. And let's see, if I can find that picture. So you see that, they come with like a little headphones thing. I've left that at home unfortunately, so that doesn't help. But that's quite cool makes you look like you either a helicopter pilot or work at a call center. So, always a treat when you're on a zoom call. Looking like you are about to call in an airplane. They are pretty cool. They are $400. You probably spotted that. So around £250 , maybe if you are in the UK and you can buy them direct. They've sold 8,800, not bad.

So what are they like? Let's open the box and find out. So here they are. It's a lovely little box. As I said already, I like it. That it's unbranded. I like unbranded things. I don't need their big logo on there. So it's quite nice just to have sitting on your desk. I like that a lot. They carry on this minimal design on the actual headphones themselves. As you can see, they sit flat in the box. Which is obviously a space saver, rather than having that way. But they are really lovely designed. They don't have anything on the back, which is cool. Love that. Don't want to have loads of stuff hanging around. Especially, If I was using out and about. That's annoying. I like black. I don't if you've noticed. So that really suits me down to the ground.

This is like a rubbery feel on the head piece. And it doesn't weigh you down. So a lot of headphones, they're quite heavy, a lot of headphones, these aren't massively heavy. So these are really nice design. They seem really sturdy. That might probably snap off if you to sit on it or something, but you can actually unscrew them there. So I'm sure you can get that repaired if that was the case. But they're just a really nice, really nice-looking headphone. They just look really posh, a very neutral headphone. And the thing I like the most, which a lot of people don't have is there's a big L and a big R. Like I need on my Wellington boots, because I don't know which way I'm going sometimes.

So yeah. Left and right. Keeps it nice. Tighten that on when they're on my ear, they are so soft, super soft round here. It's like a leather. Vegans out there. You'll be all right. Yeah. It's soft. I like it. Feel really comfortable. They're not heavy. Like I say, so they're sitting on the head, they've got a really good suction around. So I'm not hearing a lot that's going on. But they're not noise canceling. So, but they don't need to be. If you could only hear too much of the outside world. Then you're getting more direct sound coming in. So what comes in this little package? There's a little case here.

As I said earlier, I've left the microphone thing at home. So bit annoying when you're doing a review. And you leave that at home, but nevermind. It's just got like a mini jack that plugs in, if you want to go. So it's not wireless. But the thing I do like about these is I love Bluetooth headphones. Because having cables around all over the place when you're working is quite annoying. And also, when you're out and about, it's quite annoying who wants to walk around with a set of headphones? That's got wire on it, and when I'm talking headphones, I'm talking really good quality headphones. Like I say, if you're going around with beats headphones and stuff. Fine. But we are talking like this is another level of headphones to those beats are always a bit bassy. But if these were bassy, and if you've got beats that are bassy. You can use the app that is from Sonarworks your sound id basically.

If you haven't used it before. It's quite cool. It links the headphones to what you're listen you on your phone, through the output. So that basically it plays through that what Sonarworks does, which is it's got a profile of these. You can adjust that, play with it, to really sort of get the sound of these exactly the way you want them to sound. But how do they sound? Well, I think they sound really good anyway, without sound id on. I like them without having to mess around with them too much. Really good base response, really tight, fast sounding. I like that in a headphone. And I think that they are super quality for the money. Now I've always said that you need to spend sort of somewhere between 300 and 800 to a thousand to get good quality headphones. These are definitely in that bracket.


So if you are looking for a headphone that's bluetooth, then definitely try these out. Because they're definitely gonna be worth a look. They look cool, they're light and they sound great. They do sound really good. The mids weren't too sharp. I like the openness of the top. But most of all, I could hear the bass and I could, and it was super fast. So I really enjoyed that. Not much more to say about these apart from. I really like them. They're staying here. I'm gonna keep them. Because, I think they're gonna be great for like having around like good quality headphones. When I'm mowing the lawn or driving the car or don't drive a car with headphones on. But if you are out and about basically great quality headphones are hard to come by when they're Bluetooth. So, go check them out. The cool drop by Panda. I’ll bang a link below. If you like this video, make sure you like and subscribe. And there's plenty of other videos on my channel and loads of headphones reviews. So check those out too. See you next time. Bye.

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