Hi, I'm Streaky. Today, I'm reviewing the OLLO Audio S4X Headphones. So I've been sent these headphones from all over headphones. I've been told by loads of people to check these out. So I gave Michelle asked if I could get it set over. Here we are. Let's go unboxing. So a bit of a cardboard box. Straight away. Let's flip that open. “Save the planet. You can't listen to music in space now”. Right there. So inside we have a little manual that comes. Very nice. Let's get rid of that. Owner's manual, some kind of certificate of authenticity. I'll pick them up after I know it feels disrespectful, but there'll be fine. How you goes here, they look very nice. So a bit of red action that go into the headphones and then this is, looks like a corded cable to a jack at the end. A gold jack. Also, it's got a little, I mean, what would the world be without that little attachment? So that comes as standard with it.

So then we have a little pouch, little carry case pouch. Very nice, but a pleather. We always like that. So that's to carry them around. Packaging, and here we get to the good stuff. The headphones, anything else in here? That's it. Recyclable box. So that's all good. So these are OLLO headphones. I love the look of them. They really nice, they're handmade. And a lot of work and effort kind of has gone into them, which is really nice. It's not just a massive big corporate company that's made them. They've even gone to the bother of giving us a little print out with the actual. And so they're signed off there. The quality of them is signed off by a team that's looked to them. I love that. That's really cool. But they feel really kind of not homemade, they're not falling apart. But they just feel very together and they got a warm feeling about them.

It's wood. It's organic is the word I'm looking for. Really nice. I like this grill very similar to the Audeze LCD grill on there. And then they've got these nice where you put the headphone in. Can you see that? That's really nice where you put the plugin. Let's put the plug in and see what happens. So yeah, they're just like little Jack plugs popping really easy. They're nice. I like the redness on there. That's pretty cool. This is like a plastic material on the top. I always think headphones with this set up a really comfortable. So this is holding them together, this metal strap. And then you get this tension bar underneath, which is nice. A few other speakers, headphones do that. They feel really comfortable because as you put them on your head, they just slot into place.

There's none of this kind of pulling and going, okay, well, is that right? Does that feel right? And then they're a bit heavier and you never get them right. So there's always every time when you've got that, they're always in place. They always feel comfortable and they do feel really comfortable. It's really hot today in UK. So I am sweating big time, but these have got like a Valore inside, which is really nice on hot days like today. So you haven't got this big sweat thing going around your head when you've got leather on there, really make sure ear sweaty. So even on a hot sweaty day like today, they're still very, very comfortable and they slot in your ears fairly well as well. They're not massive. They're not big chunky things, but they, they sit on your ear, your ears right inside there.

Very comfortable. Light. They're not too heavy. Don't know what the spec is on the way. They're not heavy headphone. I like them from a field point of view from an aesthetic, a look point of view. They’re good, I guess, because it spins around. You could DJ with them if, if you so wanted to. They're very solid, although they're handmade, they're very solid. So yeah, I think, uh, you know, 10 out of 10 on looks, feel and weight big time. I think that's great. Um, just check them out. I mean, they look really cool. So what I'm going to do. Now, I've got them now. I’ve unboxed them now. I've looked at them. First kind of feel thing. What I’m gonna do is have a little sit with them for 24 hours. See how I get on. Have a listen. Get an idea of how they sound. Check them out against some other headphones and report back. So, see you in 24 stroke, 48 hours.

So I'm back after 24 hours. And so, how did they sound after 24 hours? Well, before we get stuck into that, let's look at a few tech specs shall we, on exactly what is going on under the wood. Frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz. SPL, these are the S4Xs, so they have a SPL of 108dB. An impedance of 32 ohms, which means they're perfect for any smart devices. The ear cups are American Walnut and they do have a nautical artificial leather, which is what I was saying was pleather earlier on. And they are obviously dynamic headphones and they’re open back. So sound wise, we are talking the price wise, let's hit that first.

These are under £300, under $300. So we aren't in the LCD, HEDD, Focal range when it comes to price. We're more in the Sennheiser 600s and the Meze. So these are for people who want to pay under £500 for a set of really good high quality headphones. Then this is where you need to be looking. I actually think the sound when I compare them to these classic Sennheisers, I actually think these are better. They have a tighter sound to them. They're more open. The open back doesn't make them really wide. They're pretty sort of, if I'd say there, rather than there. They're not massively open in the soundstage, but they're there together. You can hear low notes in them. So when I drove them quite hard with a headphone amp, they did start to distort a little bit in the low end. But that's because they're 32 ohms so they are more for smartphones. You can use them in a more of a general way than using them in just a Hi-Fi scenario.

These are great all rounders. So where the Sennheisers 650 slots in, that's exactly where you want to be looking at these. So these are definitely worth a look. I really liked the organicness of them. I think they feel a lot less kind of, they look much better than this kind of thing. They've got more of wood on open back. They look really high-end. So for sub £300 headphones, these are pretty good. These would definitely be worth a look. If you are in that market for something that's a good all-rounder. The tops you can hear really sharp, really clear. So they played back the full spectrum of sound in a really nice way. And you can use them with your iPhone as well as using them in the studio or just a general use.

Definitely on my top list of sub £500 headphones. So you can get them for 30 day free trial here. So check it out. I'll put a link below for that. So I recommend these. I'm happy with them. They're going to be staying here with me. They won't be going back because these are going to be my general-purpose all-around headphones. And these can quite frankly, go in the bin. So check these out. These are definitely a bargain for the money they are punching above their weight in the under 300 category. So definitely worth a look.

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