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Welcome back. I'm Streaky. And today I am reviewing the Austrian Audio Hi-X65 close-back headphones. So let's go on with it. These came to me from Austrian, not from Austria, but from Austrian Audio. Nice little bit of box action. Let's get straight in there. Right. Bit of foam, a little bag. What we got, what's in the bag. So, we've got a cable with just normal mini jack. Very nice. Fairly long as well. So guess that looks about three meters. Not that I read the box before or anything, but so there's three meters. What else we got but a bump. A bit of warranty malarkey. Don't really care about that. Another one, which is exactly the same again, but it's a meter and a half. So if you're not using them for monitoring and you can either have them far away or close, basically. So there you go. That's what you get.

So down to the nuts and bolts. So very nice little presentation pack. So how do they look? I mean, I've really like these look at the state of those. They look really nice. I like the big L and R that I've just seen inside. That's cool, really soft, pleather cushions on there. Nice and deep as well, which is good. Really like the look of these, they fold up nicely as well. So they pack into a bag well. Do they spin round all the way? Can you DJ with these? Maybe, I suppose. But anyway, these are for mixing and mastering, not for DJing essentially. So they up and down like this. A nice bit of pad, the same padding on the top. Love the look of these. I just think they look so cool. I love black, obviously. And these are the nice black gray.

The build quality is so super strong. They look really nicely made. They look really well made. They have like a little attachment there which is for the audio that might get a little bit snaggy at some point. But look smart anyway. So how these plug in, they don't have a plug on either side, they have one plug. So it's not a left and right. So it's just one plug in there. And that attachment is actually really nice. It locks in as well. So that's a really nice rock solid. I mean, build quality. These are top notch, definitely love them. Made in Austria of course, So left and right. Get them on. How do they feel? Super cozy. These are close-back. So, you're not hearing. I can still hear what's going on in the room. So they're not totally gone. Really nice. I mean, really nice.

They're not really closed back though. Are they? They're open-back a bit. Because they've got like little dots. So I don't know, they close-back or open-back? They're open-back over here. There you go. I thought I could hear a few things going on, so they're not close. They're open. So that makes them a little bit more lively bit of room in there. But they are really cozy on my ear. I mean really nice. Not too heavy. They're not hurting this part of my head. If I adjust them up a bit and probably make it a little bit nicer. They're really cozy. I could sit with those all day long. They're covering my ear really well. There's no gapage going on. And because these aren't leather. That means, that's not going to get really sweaty on your head. Which is horrible if you're using headphones for a long period of time. Especially for mixing and mastering where you tend to use them for a long period of time.

So that's not getting too sweaty, which is great. This cable's quite nice. I prefer these cables really to the spongey ones. The ones where they're all wrapped up and they stretch. These are much better. I prefer this and because they've given you an option of a meter and a half as well. That's quite cool. Because you can have that on your person rather than having a loader cable hanging around. But before we get into, how do they sound? Make sure you like and subscribe as everyone always says on YouTube. So please make sure you do it. Encourage me to do more. And it lets other people see videos like this. But more importantly in the comments. Let me know if you've heard these. What you think of them or any other things you want me to review? Whether that's plugins, headphones, speakers, equipment, whatever, let me know in the comments. I'll get them in and I'll review them anyway. Let's get on.

So I've been listening to them for a few days, playing all my general reference material. And I must say I really like them. I mean the price point is, they're about £330. So that's probably $350. They're high-end. So they're mixing mastering. I like them. They sound really good. There's nice bit of detail in the low end. They do tend to go quite low, which is nice. You want that on a set of headphones these days. The mids are very detailed. Nothing really to report bad. The only thing if I had to be critical was they're quite bright. So, but little bit tizzy for my ear, but I like headphones, so they're not too bright. So that's really a personal choice I think. That would be my only criticism apart from that very detailed throughout the frequency range. I like them. I think the build quality is good.

So the price point for these is about three $350. Now, if you are looking for headphones around this. I did review some more last week, which I'll link up here. They're worth checking out too. They're pretty cool. So yeah, I like these a lot. Definitely worth a look. They looks really cool. Don't they? So until next time. Don't forget, leave me a comment. Tell me what you want me to review. See you soon.

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