MEZE Classic 99 Headphones AFTER 1 YEAR



Hi, I'm Streaky. And these are the MEZE Audio Classic 99. It's been around a year since I've had these headphones. So I thought it was a good time to give them a fresh review for anybody that's already got them and wondering what they sound like or anybody that's considering a purchase. If you've not seen the MEZE Classic 99 before, then they're not your run of the mill looking headphones. They have a real 70’s retro look about them. This sort of carved real wood closed back reminds me of like a G plan sideboard we had when I was a kid. The gold touches on the side, look a little bit blinged to me, but they had some pretty good detail to the headband with this kind of AKG twisty frame. They are pretty solid. Then mega light. They're probably the most comfortable headphones I've ever put on.

They're so light that if they were open backed, you would definitely forget you had them on. Although they're super light, they're pretty robust and haven't come apart or got broken at all in the whole year that I've had them. Even though they spent most of the time being kicked around the floor of the room. So importantly, how do they sound well for a sub $300 headphones? I must say they're sounding like something a lot more expensive. You can play them from most devices and they played pretty loud. They are a little pronounced in the low mid, but that helps give them a much fuller, stronger sound. They're not overly bright and cheap sounding with some quite good detailed punch mids. They're not super wide in the stereo field, but they're not congested either, which you can get quite a lot in closed back headphones. The low end subs are pretty forward, but they're not boomy.

You can hear quite a lot of detail, quite low down. So what's not to like, I mean, they're priced at $300. They're nice and light. Retro looks. Gold's a little bit bling for me, but you might like that. So yeah, I think they're a good bite. Definitely worth a look. Check them out. They're punching above their weight. They beat a lot of higher end brands. So check them out. They've called MEZE Audio.


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