LUXURY LOW MIDS The EASY WAY! - 2 Minute Monday



Welcome back. I'm Streaky. Today is Monday. So I'm going to do a quick video today. It's two minutes mastering Monday. This is going to be a tutorial. See how you like it. If you like these, I’ll do them every week. It's just going to be a quick one that you can use during the week to pump your tracks up, get them go in and get them sounding good. But before we get onto that, don't forget it's December. I'm giving this away. If I reach 50 K subs, I'm nowhere near that at the moment, so look below. If you're not subscribed, please subscribe. Tell your friends to subscribe, tell your mom to subscribe, to your dad to subscribe. Just get me the subscribers. And then I'll do a video. And if you're one of the commenters on that video, you'll get the Maselec. Two-minute Mastering Monday. Here we go.

Here we are inside of Logic. Now what we're going to do is we're going to get a really chunky mids here. Now, the reason we do this is because to have mid sounding really good and chunky, they sound posh. They sound thick. They make the track sound better all round. So this is a really quick way of getting you that big chunky sound that really makes things come out. So grab yourself a Tube EQ. So like a Pultec or something. This is the vintage Tube EQ you get in Logic. Now select around about the 300Hz area. Obviously on the outside here, you want it to be on Tube EQ for the output drive. Now what we're doing is slamming a load of dB on. So let's put 3dB bon this quite a lot. Now what we're going to do straight after that is we're going to get a multi-band.

This is the FabFilter multi-band EQ. And I'm just going to then do that around the same frequency range. So, around 300 mark. Leave it as it is, as it comes up. Release time quick. Let the transients go through by keeping the attack up and then we just play the track through, and then we're just going to adjust the threshold. So it's grabbing hold of it, because what this is going to do is pushing in a load of EQ from here, and then we're just grabbing hold of it here. So we're bringing it back down, but we're getting a really colorful sound in the mids from the tube-y vintage-y sounding EQ. And then we're just bringing it back down to earth and getting it really chunky here in the mid. So let's just listen to how that sounds before and after. (Music Playing).

So you can see it's bringing it down by around 3dB, which is what we're pumping into it. And you just get this really warm chunky sound. (Music Playing). There you have it. That's the Two-minute Mastering Monday. So if you like the way that we're pumping into this, and it's a bit of a trick, then make sure you watch the next video coming up, which is parallel compression. That's a really good way of getting the low end to really slammed together. So check that out. If you like this, please make sure you like it. Let me know in the comments if you want more of these on a Monday. See you next time. Thanks for watching.

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