How do you make your music stand out on every single streaming service? When you're thinking about mixing, try and visualize your mix. You have stuff going on in the bass. You have stuff going on in the mids and you have stuff going on in the tops. A lot of the times this can get really cluttered and really messy to your ear. So, how can you get this to work?

The best way to approach it is to really visualize your mix. So, start in by putting things in every single frequency range. So you have the bass, you have the mids and you have the top. As long as you've got every frequency range covered with all the different instruments, there's no way that you can add other things in. Because as you do, it's gonna get cluttered.

But, what you can do with this is, say, okay, I'm now gonna pan that a little bit over there. I'm gonna spread this out a little bit. I'm going to move that over there. And what happens is you end up with a very spacious mix. And by having a spacious mix, your ear picks up on it much better when it's played through a speaker system. Because the speaker plays it well and your ear picks up well. And that's how your sound good on every single platform.

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