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Hi, I'm Streaky. And today I'm reviewing the beautiful Lavry Gold Quintessence D to A DAC. So this is a DAC by Lavry. Now you may know Lavry Gold from the A to D converter. I put a link up here. 

I reviewed that previously, love that. Amazing. Now they've sent me this over to review to listen to, I'm always up for listening to DAC and for listening to anything really, being a bit of a geek. But this is the Quintessence. I just love this, the color, the front. As you can see, it's shining and they just look amazing in your rack, even without anything. I don't know why more people don't make gold stuff or silver stuff. It's pretty special. Let's run into a few details on it. It's a DAC. It's also a monitor.

So you can use this as your main monitor source from your digital equipment. Let's run a right to the left. So you've got AS1, AS2, SPT3. You've got a main monitor out, which is analog obviously. Because you've got in digitally, coming out analog. And then you've got a main out. So the main out is to go to your equipment if you're using it for mastering, and you want to go out to your stuff, which obviously I do. And then a monitor out goes to your speakers, because you can select on the front, use it as a monitor as well as just a straight forward, DAC into your analog chain. It's very simple, very easy to use. It has a invert button for the outputs.

You can mono it and then there's a calibration button, so you can calibrate it in there. You select the inputs. So there's three inputs that you can select. There are different ones on the back, AS1, AS2 and the SP Dep1.  And then you've got your different outputs that you can listen to. So you can have it on main as your main, or just have it as your monitor panel. And then this selects, quite easily. It's so super simple to use. This is all about the sound. This is what Lavry do. They make super high-end gorgeous sounding stuff. And it doesn't change with this little baby because having this in my room was like, ridiculous. If you haven't heard one of these, then if you can get a demo of one or you can go somewhere, that's got one.

I think you'll be so surprised at the depth of sound, the clarity. Just the stereo field straight away, as soon as you play insight, boom. Oh my God. That's amazing. And then it's depth and it's got this warm character to it. It's really nice. I don't want to say the word musical because it's really naff, but it's that really nice, ooziness lovely sound that you just want to hear more and more of. I get that sometimes with speakers like these ones, but I don't find that a lot with taks, a kind of. You don't want to hear them. You want them to be pretty see-through. This is see-through don't get me wrong. You can't hear it working, but it's just so clear that it's just like, oh my God, with that in rather than other ones, you're like, yeah, it's nice.

Now I would normally, run through this and then give you some demos of it. But I'm not going to do that because I've got a few other DACs coming in. I'm checking out DACs at the moment. I've got a few coming in. So I thought, why not save it all until we've got a few in and we can do a guessing game of which one we like and which one it was. But I would definitely suggest getting this. Now it's not on the cheap side. It is eight and a half thousand pounds. So for a DAC it's up there, money wise, but it's definitely money well spent. If you're in high end gear like me and you really like to get the ultimate in your listening experience, which I believe is the most important thing rather than any other outboard gear is to get your speakers.  Get your DACs. Get everything that comes from your computer, straight to your speakers, as clean as possible. get your environment the best it can, and then start adding hardware.

Because really, if you can't hear what you're doing, then there's no point in having any hardware, is there really or any super-duper plugin. This is a vital part of the chain. So worth spending the money. I think this is going to probably stay with me. I really like it that much. It's so strong. It's just the sound of it is just too clear and crisp to just not have really. It's one of those things. So watch this space. If you can sit in my rack next time. So that's it. That's the Lavry Quintessence. Make sure you go to my other website, not But go to if you want me to master for you. But if you want loads of freebies, like some free plugins and free templates and presets and stuff like that, go to and there you'll get loads of giveaways and stuff. You'll see that. And in a couple of weeks time, don't miss out. Because I'll be doing some demos of this, so you can hear it against some other pretty high end stuff. So until next time, thanks for watching. Bye.

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