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I'm back. Yes, it's me Streaky. I'm back here on YouTube. I'm sure you've missed me. I've missed you, but I hope. I said that was such sincerity. Didn't I? Because I needed a bit of a break for a while because I've had loads going on. So, let’s dive into what I've been doing. I can tell you, what I'm up to. And I can tell you what I'm bringing to YouTube going forwards. So in my day to day job, I don't just always come on YouTube. This isn't all that I do obviously. I am a mastering engineer. But also now, as I'm sure you are more than well aware that Apple are doing Spatial Audio. Which means that a lot of people are now buying a ton of speakers and getting into doing Dolby Atmos mixes or Sony 360 mixes.

And so I got into it. I did a couple of them. And then I thought to myself, actually, this is really seriously like mastering. Because you need to have an ear for how the finish sounds going to be. It's not mixing as in diving into every single track and producing for spatial audio. You're pushing things around and getting stuff to move around the room. And knowing how to then deliver that to the label so that they can put it on Apple and all title and all these other services. So it sounds exactly as good as the stereo version that you are mastering. So I then thought, well. I'm really quite enjoying that. It's pretty exciting. So I've dived in and I've bought a ton of equipment. I've got some big Neumann speakers as you can see. And a load of normal smaller Neumann’s around this side, their 120s. And I've got a load on the top, which are the smaller 80's.

My room is  for all the geeky Atmos people that might be watching. Maybe it's a 9.1.4 room, which means I've got nine speakers around me. I've got one sub. Well, I've actually got three subs. Because I've got sub array, and then I've got four speakers on the roof. Maybe I'll get some more. But I've been doing a load of Atmos mixing and I've been really enjoying it. I'm loving it. In fact, so I'm doing that. As well as my normal mastering. Hence why I've not been making videos on here. So you may be asking yourself. Well, why have you changed your system? Have you got, where the Kii's gone? Why have you got Neumann? But what I've done is I've actually, I'm pretty fortunate in the fact that I've got a massive room. And their Kii's are still in the same position. I've kept all the equipment in the same position, because that way I know how that sounds. I don't want to change that. I want it to be exactly the same as it always is. Because I have to master stuff every single day. I don't want to be then compromising that space.

But as you can see here, this is one of the back speakers. They are on that side of the room, so they're going round so they're not affecting, what I'm doing here. And then I can have a dedicated setup for mixing there which is cool. Because I can spin around and I was always wondering what to do at the back of the room. Because it was a bit boring with just having a chair and some nonsense there. So it's just like covered in speakers now basically. But it hasn't actually affected the sound of the room.

And then that room, side of the room all this Dolby stuff. I had a man come down from Dolby. He brings loads of little microphones. Checks it all out, measures it, tweaks it with EQ for the room and all the everything else. So like a really in depth Sonarworks on the room for the Dolby. You get a little tick in the box, means that you can do Dolby stuff. So I am a certified Dolby mix engineer as well as being a mastering engineer. So I can bore you with that in the future.

So now, that I've set all this room up and I've been doing various different things. I've taken a bit of time off of YouTube. And so whilst doing that, I thought, well, when I come back, this channel's been running for well over 10 years.

And you know, I really want to know what you want from the channel. It's very easy for me just to spout stuff all the time about different things. I've been doing that for over 10 years and it's been quite successful. But I would like to know what you want. Do you want tutorials on mixing and mastering? Do you want me to do reviews on things? If you do, what things do you want me to review? Do you want me to talk more about mixing or do you want me to talk more about mastering? Do you want me to bring people in to do demos? Friends that I've got mix engineers, other mastering guys, you name it. I'm up for doing it. So just let me know in the comments below exactly what you want from me from this channel after all. I can only give you what you want. If you tell me what that is.

So please dive into the comments, tell me everything that you fancy seeing, and I'll sort it out for you. So let's not waste any more time. Get into the comments, let me know what you want from me and from this channel and I'll get cracking. So I'll see you in the comments and on the next video. Don't forget to like this one. Bye.

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