Handy PLUGIN For Mixing!



Here's a great plugin by a guy called Ian Shepard. It's called Perception AB. And the reason why this is so good if you're a mix engineer is because it's very hard to mute individual channels. So for example, you've got a vocal and you'll want to hear it in the context of the mix. You've got four different plugins on. How do you turn all those off in one go without them changing the sound quick enough? How'd you turn all of those off in one go so that you can hear exactly what those plugins are doing?

Well, this plugin does exactly that. You can hear the before and after plugins, so you can just switch it in and out. So AB is before and after plugins, and it also changes the game. So the vocal doesn't suddenly disappear. It stays in the same place, and then you're not fooling your ear because it's louder. By thinking it sounds better with the plugins. It's genius, because it stops you using so much processing. That way you're gonna get a cleaner sounding mix with less processing. Check it out. It's called the Perception AB. Link below.

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