Hi, welcome back to the Streaky channel. So today, might have noticed, I've got a mic in front of me. That's because I fancied myself as a TV presenter. And also I'm a bit bored of sitting in front of the stuff just there. So, if this actually sounds better, maybe I'll do a bit more of it. Just let me know in the comments below. If you think, I'm being a bit of a bell end, let me know comments below too. So, you may be wondering why I'm now suddenly over here. Well, today's experiment sort of includes these things. These are digital converters. So, this one converts the signal from digital to analog. This one does analog to digital. Now, I know you won't have these Lavaries at home or in your studio. So, I know that I use these every day and I know it changes the sound.

It adds a bit of flavor, a bit of tone. It's very subtle, but I like it a lot. But I also have this Lynx Hilo. Now, I use this mainly for its digital ins and outs because it's very handy. It does loads of those. But does it sound really good if you use the D/A and the A/D on there. Just to go in and out as a loop. Does it change the sound the same way that I like it? Changing the sound on the Lavary. Because this is a unit you are more likely to have in your studio. So, let's check this out.

So, I've got these snazzy cables and these are just gonna go in and out the back of the Hilo analog. What I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna play the track. So track A will be the original. That is the digital version and track B that you hear will be the one that's been passed through the D/A and A/D of the Hilo.

That way you'll be able to blind test yourself to know which one sounds better. Does it sound better when you come out and in just for that. You’re not even using any hardware, you're just using the converters. But does it give you some analog sound? Does it give you some tone? Does it give you some air? Does it give some analog airness to the track that everyone talks about? Or is it just low rubbish and it sounds exactly the same. We're about to find out.

But before I do that, make sure you like this video and make sure you're a subscriber, because the subs are looking at a little bit poorly. But definitely make sure you like the video. It will encourage me to do more nonsense like this for you so that you don't have to do the test yourself at home. (Music Playing)

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