FREE MIXING HEADPHONES - 3 Pairs of Verum Headphones



Welcome back. Do you want these? Well, I've got three pairs to give away to you. You might remember me reviewing these about six months ago. But since then, they've become super hard to get hold of because they're all handmade by the guy that designed them. And they are epic value for how good they sound. And you'll find out how you can get your dirty hands on these at the end of this video.

But first are you sick of big brother Facebook tracking you around the web, listening into your conversations and then trying loads of targeted ads at you? Normally mine. Well, I'm not a massive Facebook fan. I hardly go on there these days. I know you find that hard to believe given the age that I am. But I find it boring and I don't want them tracking me all over the place.

So I put together a site of my own, which is like a chat community for audio geeks like us. It's called It's clean, it's minimal, it's fresh. And it's really easy to follow conversations. I'm in their daily answering questions. So if you want direct access to me, then I'm in there with a load of other pros that are also chatting away about mixing mastering production and everything else pro audio.

So if you want to come in and share with likeminded others, your craft, then there's no easier, safer unmonitored place for you to come. So I'll see you in there. It's dirty But before we go to, let's chat about the giveaway that I promised you at the start. To win a pair of these headphones, I'm giving three of them away. Now go to, sign up and go to the say hello section. Just say hello in there. And then next Friday, I'll go in and pick three winners who are all in contact via dirtypunk and send these out to. So good luck and I'll see you in Link below.

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