FLAT & SOLID - Focal Clear Professional Headphone review



Hi, I'm Streaky. Today, we unbox the Focal Clear Pros. If you know Focal, then you know it's going to be a high-quality headphone. They make great speakers and very posh car stereos. Let's get into it. So here's the nice box. It's says that their impedance is 55 ohms. Sensitivity, 104dB SPL. Frequency range, 5HZ – 28kHz. So there you go. There's a few stats for you. So what's inside here. We have the box. This is a very nice sort of carry case here. Little plastic bits to protect the metal, spin that around. It's like a nice clam shop. This is pretty good quality. So what do we have inside? We have on the top of it, inside this moldings, very professional. It's really nice.

So this case could go anywhere with you. So the headphones fit in there quite nicely. It's got a straightforward cable that connects one end into the headphones, the other end into your equipment. And then it's got the magic adapter on the other side. What would the world be without this little bad boy? So that's where you get inside the case. And then in the box, there's this other little piece of gear. So this is quite lovely, isn't it? It's all very well done. There's a bit of like a little bit of a magnetic opening. And then we have in there a little user manual on one side. Another spare set of pads, just handy to have. That's a nice touch. So this is more of a spongy cables so that you don't have your cables getting tangled up everywhere. So a bit of a telephone, spongy cable, which is super useful.

So how do they look and how do they feel? How do they feel on your head? Well, they look quite cool around the neck, don't they? But how do they feel on the head? Super soft. They look brilliant. The fit is perfect, that the band is really solid and strong. They're really, well-made hardcore headphones. The pads around the ears feel really comfortable. You've got two sets of those in case one of them sort of breaks. They're not made out of leather, which is a bonus for the vegans out there. Same with the padding here that doesn't maybe a bit of pleather, but it's not leather. And very soft, but with a hard outer shell. As you can see, these open backs are really like a cone. Really strong. I guess you can smash these around a bit and they'd still be fine.

There's no working parts on these that I could see would snap or break off very easily. So they are pretty hefty, pretty strong and pretty comfortable. I must admit the headband is a little bit heavy there. They're not the lightest headphones that you're going to find, but they're made out of metal. So you can expect that a bit, I think. They're really comfortable here. Slight bit of weight on the headband there, but not as bad as the Audeze that I've reviewed. Because they're not as heavy as those. They're more comfortable than that. So I could wear these quite a lot. And how do they sound? Well? I've listened to them for a period of time now and they are super punchy.

So how would I explain it? It's like, they're very flat sounding. So there's nothing sticking out. There's nothing holding back too much. They sound pretty flat across the whole frequency range. They're not too bright as to say. They're not too bassy. So you can hear everything going on. I can hear pretty low. I mean, massively low. I never really can on headphones in the same way that I can with speakers, but I can still hear detail of what's going on about 50Hz, around that kind of sub area. They've got sub coming out. They're not over bassy like say, beats headphones. They're very kind of flat as I keep saying. Punchy in the mids. Punchy in the bottom. So a really nice headphone to work on and a really nice headphones just to sit and listen to a track how it's supposed to sound.

So as it was mastered, as it was produced, these will produce it really well. And across a wide frequency range, most focal tweeters, if you've used the speakers ever, they can be quite bright because they do hold a lot of high end. But these aren't similar to that. They're not exactly the same. They're not really, really overly bright. They're just about right. So I really liked them. I thought I could work on them pretty much all the time. They're not too heavy. They're quite cozy would I say. The good thing is they haven't got the leather around here that that can make you sweat quite a lot when you're working on them or listening to them for a long period of time. You can get sweaty head, which is never nice. But these don't. They'll soak it up for you just so you can have a nice wet sponge on the side of your head.

I've got a spare so you can switch it out. I like them. They sound good. I think they look cool. I love the red bit against the black. Looks great. So, thumbs up from me. So these retail at about a thousand to 1400, depending on who you're buying them from. So they're not the cheapest, cheapest, but I think they're definitely worth a look. If you're in the market for a proper solid set of headphones, these will definitely do the job.

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