So, it's nearly about to happen or it has happened by now. 50K. anyone that watches this regularly will know what that means. It means, I've had to take the studio apart again, which is annoying. So, I've taken it apart for a reason being it's giveaway time. And, that means this Maselec multi-band is going to one of you lucky subscribers. So, 50K, I thought I wasn't ever going to get there. I want to say a big thanks to you guys for watching all the way through. I really would love to know in the comments, what point you started to watch me. Be really super interested in that. So, put that in the comments, especially if you're an OG and you've been here since I started in, I think it was 2009.

This was my first video. “Hi, welcome to Streaky Mastering TV, with me Streaky G. Today, I'm going to talk to you about levels you want to leave for mastering. How can you present your tracks to me from mastering? So a bit scrappy bit. I was on a bit of a handheld. I think I had an iPhone. I wasn't too sure, but I just got cracking. I'd watched Gary V doing his Wine Library TV. We all know him as a big Gary V now. But at the time he was quite small. And he had a book out called Crush It and that made me think, I could do that. I could talk about what I know. And, so then I bashed out videos one after the other for a long period of time. I've got more regular recently, which is why I've probably grown a bit more. When I was doing it without a help from Matt, I was more me just to get an editing and I'm working. I'm doing all this stuff. So, really hard to do videos all the time.

But one takeaway that I have had from doing YouTube, which has been brilliant. And, it's the same as my mastering career is persistence, staying at it, just being patient and just keep grinding and grinding and grinding. I mean, I've only got 50K. I want more, I want a 100K, I want a million. Of course I do, because that's just me and I'm not satisfied with anything and I'll keep grinding out and keep trying to give you everything that I possibly know about mastering and mixing so that you can benefit from it too. And, I love it. So thanks. But to say thank you properly because 50K's a big number and really it's been a grind. Trust me, it's hard work, years and years. So 2009, 2021 now good maths, 12 years. 12 years?

So, because you've given me 50K views, I want to start giving some more things back to you all the time. So, I would like to know what you want me to do on the channel. But I do want you to send me pictures of your studio. So, I love seeing those and I love giving feedback on those. So, send those to Also, if you've got mixes that you want me to check out and tell you, give you my thoughts on them. I'd like to do that on the channel. So, if you've got tracks that I haven't got a YouTube copyright mark on them, send them to too. And, then maybe I'll do some videos on analyzing people's mixes and you'll be able to get something out of that.

Also, a Fifine. Little plug for them. They sent me a couple of these mics. These podcasts mics, if you like. So, that made me think maybe I should interview some producers, some DJs, remixes,  anybody really? So, let me know who you think you would like me to pull the brains out of and go and visit, maybe go to their studios. Maybe just get them on zoom. If they're a bit COVID scared. That'd be interesting to know. Hit them up on their channels if you know them and tell them to get in contact with me too. If there's somebody that you think I should definitely go and see someone you'd be interested in.

So, going back to how I've taken my room apart again for you to win the Maselec. Also while I'm here, I've got no speakers, because I've smashed up my key control, which is a gutter. So, no mastering for me today. It's rest my ears, and go on with doing some videos for you.

How do you win the Maselec compressor? Because that's what you're here for. 50K is the Maselec giveaway day. So, this will be your last opportunity to get the Maselec. I've been talking about on a few videos. So, what I'd want you to do, you need to, there's in the pinned comment at the top, I'm going to put a link to a page on my site. I'm going to need your email, and I'm going to need your user ID or your channel ID on YouTube so that I can check you’re a subscriber. And, then I'll be able to pick one of those people that has added their email. Email them, and find out their address, send them the Maselec. And, I don't mind sending it anywhere in the world as long as it's near London. And, obviously I'll send it anywhere in the world. That's not a problem. It doesn't cost too much to send this around. It's quite light. So, it won't be too much for pain. (Music playing).

So, thanks for the 50K. Here's to another 100K and I hope you win the Maselec. Don't forget to subscribe. Don't forget to like. And goodbye for now.

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