I’m going to show you how to sound good on every single speaker. This in the industry is known as the NS10 hack. What you need to think is what kind of speakers are people playing them on? You think laptops, you think earbuds, you think cars, and that is why we need to focus on the mid-range. Because they do not have big subs and they do not have super highs. Mid-range is where it is all at.

Okay. How do we get there then? So, open your door, get an EQ, like this Fabfilter, put it on the output channel as the last plugin. Do two cuts on the EQ. One at the top, starting at around 4k and one at the bottom, starting around 200 Hz. This is then focusing us so that all we hear are the mid frequencies. So, just now by mixing in the mid-range, you can make sure your track sounds excellent on all speakers. Subscribe for more.

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