The reason why I think crack plugins are so good is when you're starting out. You’re young. You’re 14, 15, 16. You can't afford to buy plugins so you can get some cracks. Now, the reason this is good is because it gives you an opportunity when you're starting out, when you're fresh, when you're young, to try out all these different things, to listen, to compressors, to listen, to EQs, to get going. But you know, as well as me that you don't really want them on your system.

So as you start developing, as you start realizing the stuff you do actually want you do, want to buy, then you can really see these crack plugins as being more of a trial version of the plugins. Because you know that you'll start buying the plug-ins that you use all the time, because you want the updates. You want it to be nice and fresh on your computer. You don't want any bugs. It just means. It just makes you feel much better when you've got the real thing.

Obviously, after you have used the crack plugin, it's good to buy the real thing and support the people that are actually making these plugins. Because, if you don't support the people, we wouldn't have them in the first place to be able to crack.

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