I'm going to show you a trick that I use a lot to get a really smooth, great sounding compression sound across the whole mix. So, a lot of the times when you're running into a compressor, the bass will be driving the compressor. And, if you have a switch on it that stops the bass drive in the compressor, you don't get any of that nice compression sound across the bass and the tops together. So, you get awkward, disjointed sound. This is how you get around it with my compression cocktail.

Start by getting a FabFilter Pro MB or any other multi-band compressor. Set the crossover at 150Hz. And then, that will control the bottom end of the track. Now, when we go into another compressor, because I want to get the sound of this compressor, the compression isn't getting taken over by the low end. I've got the low end under control with the FabFilter. This is just going to still give me the juice across the whole track. But it's not just the bass that's driving this. The whole tracks driving it as one. And that gives you a much more compressed gluey sound.

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