Now, this is a set of serious headphones. Now these are the all Audeze LCD-X. These have been out for quite a while now, but these are solid as a rock. They are the rock star of the headphone world, because these are used mainly in big mix rooms around the world. So these are slightly different to normal headphones because the technology used is a planar magnetic. Now there is a description below for that. No need for us to go into that on this video, but just trust me. They're just slightly different to the way that normal headphones work. So how do the headphones feel? Well, they are fairly heavy when they're on the head. They are quite weighty.

As you can see, they're quite wide. They look amazing though. Don't they? I mean, they just look killer. If you're on the train with these people, they're just going to think you're a mental case, but I wouldn't use them on the train because the weight of them, they are pretty heavy. So when they're sitting on the head, they push down on the band quite a lot. And so you really wouldn't want to use these walking around. These are totally seen at home. Just put them on to listen to some nice music, audio file music. Or if you're in the studio, you're listening to them as a kind of reference headphone. The straps, they do a vegan one, they do a leather one like this, and they also do a padded memory foam one. So because of the weight, I think I would go for the memory foam because pushing down on the head is going to be quite tiresome after a while.

And you won't want to wear them for too long because of that, because of the weight. I think that's more down to the construction. As you can see, they are metal. They're like an old microphone from the 1920s, but they look pretty mega. I mean, they're really solid. They've got all these nuts and bolts around the outside. They look really cool. They look really high fi when they're sitting in your house on the sideboard on one of those little head headphone racks, they look like you're mean in business. You know what you're talking about when you've got these. They are really thick pads on there. Look it's like half my head and these are super, super soft. This is soft leather. They obviously do these in vegan as well. But they have quite a big area inside here on the cup. When they are actually cut onto your head, they just sit around really comfortable.

So they are mega comfortable. It wasn't for the weight pushing on the top. They are the most comfortable headphones I've had, but they suck on quite nicely. Now they are open back to so you can still hear what's going on. So it's not like it's just a suction cup on your head. It still feels really comfortable, but it's not like it's crushing down on your ear. It's because your ear fits in there really well. So that's a real plus point. I really like these cables that you can just push the button on the side and then they just come off really quickly. So if you want it to put, say a different type of cable, this one is really nice, really snazzy kind of intertwined cable. But if you were just to put a telephone cable on or something a bit longer that you need, then it's really quick to do that.

And sometimes these breaks. They can be quite flimsy, someone treads on and pulls them off a kid in the house, last thing you need. And then, so it's good to be able to just snap those on really easily. So that's a really nice touch. So the main question is how do they sound? Well, I actually have listened to these for a while now. I really like the sound. Now the sound is it's not harsh. It's really kind of smooth, posh sounding, I would say. So the high end is isn't hard and heavy. And the low end is quiet, it's fast and it's tight, but it's not really edgy. So there's nothing edgy about these headphones. But you do get a lot of clarity across the mids and in the low mids, which is really important because that's where most of the information is going to be happening. That's where you're going to hear a lot of detail and these produce a hell of a lot of detail.

So because of that softness in the top end, they are the kinds of headphones that you could listen to for long periods of time, without straining areas, without hurting, because they are open back, they do have an openness to them so that you don't feel as if you're just enclosed in these headphones. You still feel part of the surroundings. Now, usually an open back headphone, the stereo image goes really wide and you get this really big sound field, but these don't do that massively. So you still get this quite focused. Nice tight sound. So they're good from that point of view. You just haven't got this over-the-top wide stereo field. So if you want something, that's still keeping a lot of the stereo field, how it was recorded. These do that job nicely.

So as you can tell, I really like these. They're mega posh. They look the business, they look really hardcore. They look great in your house on the top. They make you look like, you know what you're talking about, which you do if you've got these. So the price point, these are around $1,800. So they're not exactly on the cheap side. So if you are an audio file, if this is all you have to listen to, you don't have a nice swanky Hi-Fi system at home. Then really these should be on your shopping list. You should be checking them out. You should be listening to them. You don't necessarily need a dedicated headphone amp for these. These do sound pretty good. Just powered off a normal headphone socket. However, if you do have a headphone app, these will sound a ridiculously better. So I suggest you check these out. If you're in the market for a set of high-end, high quality, super posh headphones, these could be the bad boys for you. So I'm Streaky. These are the Audeze LCD-X headphones.


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