So your bass is wobbly fat, floppy, all over the place. You haven't got a room that's really treated and sounding nice. What do you do? Check this tip out. So for this tip, you want to get the Gullfoss from Soundtheory. So, pull the Fader up to about 220. Put the Recovery Time to 50%. Tame to a 100%. Use the Bias start at 50%, Brightness, bring it down by 10%. Now, I use this at the front of the chain sometimes if the bass is a little bit all over the place. This can get you a quick result.

I'll obviously EQ or do other things afterwards. But for you, if you're in a home studio or in a studio that can't handle the bass properly, this is a good get out of jail card. So, listen to how this works with an A/B and you'll hear how much tighter the kick, and all the low end suddenly get from being a little bit messy in the first place. (Music Playing)

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