Five quick wins to get your studio sounding much better right now.

Number one. Keep your working space super clean and tidy. Clean studio, clean space, clean mind, clean music.

Number two. Make sure your speakers are pointing at your ears and not your chest. Look at your speakers now, where are they pointing.

Number three. Now make sure those speakers are in an equilateral triangle. So, you are seeing here. They're there. Make sure they lined from you to the speakers and from one speaker to the other are all the same distance. That way you'll have a perfect sound to your ears because they'll be at the right height from number two.

Number four. Lose the foam on the walls and get yourself some decent acoustic panels. It doesn't cost the earth. Check out Ebay or GIK acoustics online.

Number five. Get Sonarworks. And if you've got the big bucks, get Trinnov.

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