$30k Kii Three Audio BXT Speaker Review



Hi, I'm Streaky. And today I'm reviewing the Kii audio BXT basic extension.

So, as you've probably seen, if you watch my videos regularly, I've had the Kii 3 audio 3, wherever they're called. The top unit for quite a while now. Been loving them. Sound great. Sound amazing in most spaces. The reason why I liked them the most is for the cardioid effect, where it throws the sound out the front. I've got bass flying around the room makes super tight bass sounds really nice. Top ends, mega clear and open. Loving them. Sound amazing. But there is another video which I'll link up here where I reviewed them before previously for a while. But I have now extended my love of Kii audio speakers. And I've now got the BXT bass extension for them, which is this massive unit at the bottom that the top unit sits on. Not that I was lacking bass. Don't get me wrong. These little things on their own are incredible at bass.

They throw out a lot of bass. But I wanted to, obviously once you've got those, it's just a gateway drug to one in the whole thing. So I put my pennies together and I got the bigger unit for the bottom. Now what it is essentially is eight sub-woofers. So you've got four across the front here, and you've got two either side. So it's a cardioid situation again. So this is canceling out any noise that comes out here. So you're just getting the direct signal that's hitting your out the front. So, and what you're doing by having this unit at the bottom is you're putting less stress on this speaker, and these speakers and the whole top unit. Because this is taking away a lot of that, the action from there at a certain crossover point. And then this is handling the bass, that's handling more of the mid and then the top.

So actually, I think plays back better and actually sounds better. But moving on to that, they're really heavy when they come. They're beautiful when they're in the box. They're lovely. They just plug straight in with some, with some connectors that go in the bottoms. You plug into them at the bottom and then the connectors around the back. You can see how that works when they will go together. And how do they sound? Well, the bass is as the top super tight. The clarity, the thumping, the low end central really great stereo image. Because you've got this really wide stereo sound in front of you. Lovely, tight, fast bass in the low end. Super quick, really clear. I love them. It does give you when you haven't got that doing as much way does give you that extra tip going down.

 So you do get this big, powerful bottom end, which you do miss from this. After you've got these it's to be hard to go back to just those, I think. Because you get used to that extra floor of bass. These go pretty low. I think these go to about 32 or something. I might be lying. But these obviously are super low. I've got a treated room. So that helps. But as I say, this is doing the cardioid thing. So you get this extremely fast, tight, accurate bass coming at you. So these are definitely a good extension to have on the speakers. I'm loving it so far. I'm still playing around with them. Still sort of tuning them up a bit to the room. You've got loads of different settings on the controller because the BXT, you can do different settings and stuff. So I'm still having a mess around. But even flat first lesson was, oh my God, these are mega. 

I'm loving them. They're a warm bass. They're not really harsh, brittle bass. It's quite a nice thumpy bass. And it's super tight. I'll stop going on about how tight is now, because you'll think I've gone mental. Check these out. If you get a chance, I think they retail for about 20,000 and these retail for about 10,000. So for a pair you're talking 30K. So it's not the cheapest thing on the market. But if you want good, you got to pay for good. And this is good. Trust me. I've listened to a lot of speakers. This is the Kii audio BXT that matches the Kii audio 3. If you like these kinds of videos, please make sure that you subscribe. Make sure you like the video so that other people get to see it as well. Because YouTube likes that kind of action. Before I go, don't forget to go to anoraks.co where there's loads of free goodies. That's where I plant all my free stuffs that I get given for people. It all goes to anoraks.co. So going there there'll be a link below and join up and you'll see that there's loads of good stuff. So see you there. Bye.

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