Here's three common mastering mistakes, that I see people use every single day:

Mistake number 1 is doing too much. So when you're EQing. When you're doing instruments and when you're doing stuff, when you're mixing, you might tend to put, say 3, 4 dB on stuff. When you're mastering, everything's so loud by that stage, you need to just do small increments. Sometimes 0.3 of a dB. Going over 2, I know I'm in trouble.

Mistake number 2. Using a mixing mindset when you are mastering. When I say this, when I'm mastering, I'm listening to the whole thing. I'm not listening to individual instruments. When you're mixing, you're listening to the individual instruments. If you take that into a mastering scenario, you're just going to get stuck and go around in circles. Put yourself in a different door, and that way you'll go into a mastering world rather than a mixing and a mastering world. It's a good little hack.

And mistake number 3 is don't worry so much about how loud something is, worry about how good the sound quality is and how the dynamics are. Don't worry about it, just get it sounding good.

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