this is the daddy of the DACs. Well, it's not the daddy because there is actually a company called Dad, who make DACs, but this isn't it. This is the Bricasti M1. Bricasti are known for doing reverb units but they also have built a ridiculous digital to audio converter. Now, this thing, as you can see, I can't hold up for too long because it weighs a tonne, although it's made out of aluminium. It's one piece of cast aluminium around it, as you can see. They don't want rattly parts. Although you can hear that rattling, if you can. That's because it's got de-couplers on the feet here. So, if you're a hi-fi person, or if you watch my channel a lot, you know de-coupling goes on a lot to stop equipment touching each other and to stop any kind of interference, anything happening like that.

So, this has them built into the bottom. This is kind of based at more of a hi-fi market, although a lot of high end engineers, mastering houses, are starting to take these one because, seriously, if you listen to this compared to other ones it's just mind blowing how crystal clear, how the depth of sound, the stereo image is just so clear and clean it's weird because you just think it's wrong, but it's not. It's got loads of filters on it that come with it, linear phase and minimum phase filters. So you can select between them, so you can go around. Quite preferred the minimum phase, to be honest. They sounded a little bit better to me or ... Not better, but to my ear, it's a taste thing. On the back of it, it's got outputs, phono outputs for hi-fi crowd, and then XLRs for the more pro market.

You go into by SP-def, SP-def2. They have an old school one there and an AS. Can also do an optical link and there's USB. So you can use this as your ... Obviously you want to just go straight for your computer, straight into this using USB. So it's a great kit. It retails for around 7,000 pounds, so probably $9,000. It's not on the cheap side.

Also, what isn't on the cheap side, too, is this. This is really nice. Remote that comes with it, and that 400 pounds, about $600 maybe, or by the times you watch this video it's probably the same. But 400 pounds. It weighs a tonne. It's lovely. It's like a matte sheen finish. Really nice. Got all the same stuff that you can programme on the front. You can do here, so you can be well away and you see it in position, wherever you've got this laid up and still play around it. So, yeah, lovely built kit. Gorgeous, just great. You need to hear one. See if you can. It's right up there at the top of the list for D2A converters.